Together Tour Final Gig

Hi everyone.

This Saturday we close the Together album tour with a performance for SIMA at the Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre at 8.30pm. Booking details below. Would love to celebrate with you.

Please find below a bit of media gossip re the album :)

Thanking everyone for the support so far,

Cheers, Michael.

John McBeath's 4 star review in the Australian

"An ultra-slow ballad, Maria, features an introspective solo bass opening with eastern modality, followed by some lusciously lyrical tenor saxophone from Matthew Ottignon, before a break and a lift in tempo as tablas arrive and Greg Coffin embarks on a soul-infused piano solo".

Lucky Oceans featured the album on The Daily Planet

"Sydney's Java Quartet celebrate 20 years together with their fine 7th album, recorded in the round - a collection of original themes passionately and lovingly played. Leader Michael Galeazzi has come up with a selection of compositions that play with time signatures and modes while keeping direct and soulful, thanks to the great playing of the rest of the band - saxophonist Mathew Ottignon, drummer Mike Quigley and pianist Greg Coffin.

ABC Jazztrack celebrating our 20 year journey

Morganics and myself interviewed by Waleed Aly on Radio National's The Drawing Room.


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