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The JAVA QUARTET celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of SLUMBER FOR NORDIC WONDER 

“If you saw an LP with a cover like this in the second hand bin, you would take it for a heap of kryptonite from the era when panel vans bore Viking scenes. You wouldn’t bother knockin’. Against all expectations, it is a local acoustic quartet of considerable accomplishment and charm”.

John Claire, Sydney Morning Herald, 1995

This is how it all began for The Java Quartet - a classroom at Riverview College, a handful of microphones, engineer Keith Walker, and four earnest young men. On Wednesday 26th August in Venue 505 the group will commemorate 20 years since the release of Slumber For Nordic Wonder by playing play the disc in full plus other choice cuts from their seven-album catalogue. It will be an old skool quartet performance and rare outing for this celebrated ensemble in 2015.

“Mostly, though, the Java Quartet inhabits its own space, unlike that of any other aggregation, in Australia or anywhere else - supremely melodic, full of taut, yet limpid,
grooves and packed with soul”.

Kenny Weir, Sunday Herald Sun

Java Album of the Week, SMH Review and gig @ 616 Wednesday 8th October 

Hi all.

It has been a busy week. Eastside 89.7 FM have given Together album of the week, John Shand has said some very kind things about the album in The Sydney Morning Herald, and we are playing next Wednesday at Foundry 616 with Bobby Singh on board! Too much fun.

Reviews are below.

Cheers, Michael.

Review in the Sydney Morning Herald, 26th September 2014

Java Quartet
TOGETHER (Vitamin)
3.5 stars

No instrument echoes the male voice as closely as the tenor saxophone, which lends it a peculiar immediacy – especially when played with the blow-torch urgency that Matthew Ottignon likes to apply. Ottignon has been part of Java Quartet for a nudge over half of the band's 20-year life, gouging stark rents in the pastel-hued surface of the more introspective music that leader/composer/bassist Michael Galeazzi, pianist Greg Coffin and drummer Mike Quigley instinctively make together. This is not a value judgment. Productive artistic collaborations are often forged by combining ostensibly oppositional forces rather than by aligning perfectly compatible aesthetic sensibilities. Several of Galeazzi's new compositions are among his best, playing to the band's strength of collectively creating journey-like narratives. Broadening the sonic and conceptual scope on some tracks are two old friends of the band: tabla player Bobby Singh interweaving a thread of mystery, and rapper Morganics adding his short-fuse use of words. 

John Shand

Album Of The Moment (week), Eastside FM 89.7 23rd September 2014

Together by The Java Quartet
Out on: Vitamin Records
The Java Quartet celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of their seventh album, entitled Together.  This album is a beautifully cohesive acoustic work created by Michael Galeazzi bass, Matthew Ottignon sax, Mike Quigley drums, Greg Coffin piano. 
The album was recorded live over two days, and it shows with the album sounding fresh without being overproduced. The addition of two guest artists also helps create an unique sound for the album.  All these musicians feel comfortable in their own talents, and there is no excess to the album.  It’s pure joy for your ears.

The album is a mix of the classic understated sounds of the group with two additional spoken word tracks featuring hip hop artist MC Morganics. It’s an inspired choice. His voice and lyrics are the perfect match for the music played by Java Quartet. 
The exquisite tabla playing of Bobby Singh features throughout the album, providing a subtle but delicious nuance to all of the tracks. John Clare describes the group as being popular, without being populist and it’s apt. This is music that feels strangely comfortable and familiar, yet with surprising turns of phrase and subtleties that continue to reveal themselves with repeated listening.
 An album to play on high rotation over the coming summer months.

Gemma Purves

Together News 

Hi all.

Updates on the java website:

A live review of Java in Canberra by Eric Poza and words of praise from Lucky Oceans on The Daily Planet (see Music section -Together)

An interview with Waleed Aly on Radio National's The Drawing Room - mp3 on front page


Cheers, Michael.

Together Tour Final Gig 

Hi everyone.

This Saturday we close the Together album tour with a performance for SIMA at the Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre at 8.30pm. Booking details below. Would love to celebrate with you.

Please find below a bit of media gossip re the album :)

Thanking everyone for the support so far,

Cheers, Michael.

John McBeath's 4 star review in the Australian

"An ultra-slow ballad, Maria, features an introspective solo bass opening with eastern modality, followed by some lusciously lyrical tenor saxophone from Matthew Ottignon, before a break and a lift in tempo as tablas arrive and Greg Coffin embarks on a soul-infused piano solo".

Lucky Oceans featured the album on The Daily Planet

"Sydney's Java Quartet celebrate 20 years together with their fine 7th album, recorded in the round - a collection of original themes passionately and lovingly played. Leader Michael Galeazzi has come up with a selection of compositions that play with time signatures and modes while keeping direct and soulful, thanks to the great playing of the rest of the band - saxophonist Mathew Ottignon, drummer Mike Quigley and pianist Greg Coffin.

ABC Jazztrack celebrating our 20 year journey

Morganics and myself interviewed by Waleed Aly on Radio National's The Drawing Room.


New album, "Together", June Release 

Hi everyone.

The new album is ready to go and we have a tour lined up in June. Please see dates listed below, next to some footage from the album sessions. The album is uploaded and available in the music section and we are really looking forward to hearing what you think about the new work :)

Cheers, Michael.

Together NEW ALBUM out now

Listen to Michael Galeazzi
with Helen Simons (below)
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