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Before Now After is a meditation upon time, a sonic homage to the evolutionary arc. Just as the coastline is shaped by tidal forces shifting the delicate balance of ocean and sand, The Java Quartet have sculpted a long form tryptic work from a singular cove.  

Each song was composed through applying a different set of melodic parameters to the Dorian scale. Explored and crafted on the bass then arranged into three distinct pieces for the ensemble, each piece articulates the development of a new melody, mood and space from the same Dorian building block.  

Simultaneously a macro (album) and micro (song) process of creation and evolution, the work reflects the Quartet’s 20 years of shared exploration. Before Now After beckons the listener to become a fellow traveler through this passage of time.

Before Now After Media

4.5/5 star review by Michael Prescott in Dingo Jazz Journal No 4 Spring 2022. Full Review in Music section.

Great review of the album by Eric Myers in the Weekend Australian. 4/5 Stars.

New Australia 1.30pm 18 May Eastside FM 89.

Interview with Elsen Price 

Wednesday Drive 5.30pm 25 May Eastside FM 89.
Interview with Eric Gyors 

Now’s the Time 7.30pm Tuesday 31 May Northside Radio 99.3
Interview with Frank Presley

A Jazz Hour 12pm Friday 24 June 2MBS Fine Music Sydney
Interview with Barry O’Sullivan

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