Together - 2014

Recorded in a large TV studio, in the round and Together, the Java Quartet celebrate their seventh album and 20 years as a group. Together captures the two-day session through a collective memory, intuitive playing, trust, solidarity, and that Java sound. A beautiful acoustic work spiced with guest Bobby Singh’s seamless tabla playing, the album is divided into two sections: the instrumental side and a bonus two song “flip side” with spoken word interplay by wordsmith MC Morganics.

Rejavanation - 2010

The re-mix album for Sydney’s – The Java Quartet featuring tracks from all the albums re-mixed with beats and new performances.

Deep Blue Sea - 2005

The fifth album for Sydney’s The Java Quartet saw the band relocating to Byron Bay to record. It was there that they discovered that the acoustic nature of both the 301 Studios and the lush, coastal environment would provide the perfect setting to be swept away by their new tunes.

Celebrating 10 years as a group as well as welcoming Matt Ottignon into the fold, DEEP BLUE SEA is testament to the richness of the quartet's intoxicating, beautifully nuanced sound.

Dark Garden - 2001

Dark Garden, that part of the backyard that is overgrown, the shady corner where one seldom goes. There is plenty of life there; it just seems to be mangled into its own weedy chaos, not willing to let anyone in.

Passages - 1998

TJQ is one of the most dynamic ensembles to come out of Sydney in years, and this new one, entitled PASSAGES, does them the credit they deserve, although it's a little more reflective than many of their performances. Like a railway line in the outback sun, there's a steady, warm glow eminating from the tracks – Cal Clugston, Revolver.

Glow - 1996

The Java Quartet sounds as if they have been together a while, they don't step on each other's lines, and you can hear that they enjoy the music. Their compatability makes for good listening. If you like mainstream jazz that utilizes a creative rhythm section, this disc should satisfy you. – Cadence Magazine review of "Glow", New York State, September 1997. Richard B Kamins.

Slumber for Nordic Wonder - 1994

It was on a steamy December afternoon when four players, now known as THE JAVA QUARTET, locked themselves up in a studio for a few hours. With a couple of jams under their belts and armed with a fine engineer, decent mics and an eight track, the session proved a pleasant surprise.